The Universal Secret


“Christ, who, after his Resurrection, had no more the form of a male in his human body, but that of a paradisiacal Virgin, as Adam had before his fall. And so also is it, in this Philosophical Work. In this terror, crack, and mutual killing there is properly no death, but only a transmutation, or union of two into one.”  Freher’s Process in the Philosophical Work

The levitating girl, being her final disappearance, the violence hurried off, the gravitating remaining behind in the form of a transparent reflective medium.

“Come hither all ye who love the times and places wherein all kinds of mockeries and deceits are practiced. And ye who make things disappear and who render them invisible, come hitherto deceive all those who regard these things, so that they may be deceived and that they may seem to see that which they see not and hear that which they hear not, so that their senses may be deceived, and that they may behold that which is not true.” The Greater Key of Solomon


“By natural application it is done when the spirit of one body is implanted in another... It is known by its signature, and by the ancients called amatoria or such things as love one another. By imagination, love is produced when the exalted image of one does predominate over the image of the other. He that can join a spirit impregnate with the virtue of one body with another, that is now disposed to change, may produce many miracles and monsters.” Anon