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Extract from AMATORIA

 ‘Aiquitas Amoris’

Omega is the inner man, not drawn out by Nature or in natural state displayed, content for him to move in the outer, she, like crystal ball, appears on the inner surface of things. Man appears in image and his image is within, his clear sight is in her like mind in friendly body, the persistent thought in mental shape bound to God as love is bound to death. “Take my magic shape of woman” God said, “and I will lead you to Sahasrãra.” May God light up the womb with stellar death and man appear on the inside of things: to lock the will outside in, and desire downside up.

Man’s little desires are but pinpricks upon the curve. The greatest desire is here


God seeks the feminine in all things, God searches for the cunt within. The incestuous life of the soul is the territory of the virgin, the feminine nurturer of creation. God searches for the darkness within the light; God fires the darkness with the inspiration of the masculine. The feminine is the death that brings man life, the absorption of light in the darkness of the soul is the life of the soul. God’s thirst is of nature-male, drawn out of the mundane and driven into the divine. God slips into female being in an assumption of wholeness; God’s completeness is knowledge of femaleness. God is coupled with man only in the object of desire, and within the body of desire man experiences God’s creativity. The soul is created so that God can give man life - he being death, the female part of the union. The soul cannot act independently of man and is dependent on God. The soul pulls both man and God into one whole, she is desire fed on creation.

Death is the angel of contentment; it's illusion is the belief that God fills the soul with final resolution. To be rid of the illusion is to deny the emotion, the binding that secures body to spirit holding sex and soul together. The sexless soul and bodiless spirit is the absence of contentment. The soul's final resting place is in bodily life, the death-departed soul with indwelling spirit is created through many blissful incarnations until life is given up for good. Giving life to the soul is the only true creation - to be impressed with God, and to express as God sends the soul on its way. God enveloped within the soul keeps life in shapely death, so long as life lives in substance death though all about cannot make dead the spirit. To express life without is to forego life-everlasting, the seedbed of the immortal moment is the death within. Until spirit flies amongst the dead in inner-space brother will continue to masturbate sister, life will not flow within the lifeless until the beautiful dead are raised to the fullness of life.
The transference of consciousness from one vehicle to another is the mark of man’s earthly immortality. He does not wait for liberation, he wills liberation. In the mud of physicality he finds eternity, in the super light of God’s death he receives life wrapped in darkness. Woman takes in the living thing, the lively part of man. The soul, too, takes life and although man’s life is left far behind his death is upfront. When pushing into her he pulls her into himself. How beautiful is death! When a man sees himself in the image of she who is self-aware then it is life that requires death in the image of the soul.

Sleep, and wake up in her body. Know the abominable secrets of her body; the pleasure, the ecstasy and the emptiness.

A thing mystical, preserved in the darkness of her body. It remains in darkness wrapped in the creation of her body, and the body moves as God wills. I move into the darkness. I live the life of the body and cannot be apart from the body, only ignorance keeps me in the unknowingness of the body. I sustain the divine will and spread knowledge of the macrocosm in the darkness of the body.  I carry divine livingness into the body and know the darkness of being. and through the creative potency of light darkness is revealed as the intimacy of the soul. She is body, spirit moves in His body.

“God was before the production of things, from without naked and alone, until it pleased his divine goodness to go forth in production of things, and as it were in a manner to clothe himself.” Oswald Scroll 1669

The essential feminine is form only: it is no place for a man to get inside a woman’s head, her body not her mind is the place to be. A psychosexual union gives spiritual desire female shape. To step into the female body is male fantasy, the fantastical side of sex in the manifestation of the soul. The shape-shifter’s preferred body-type is chosen by God, and man must follow blindly into the body of God’s choosing. The soul is the idol of the image-maker, and for the image-maker’s pleasure  (and for the greater pleasure of God) she is made. The reincarnation of mind in a body of illusion makes for man the perfect life; and God, in man, delights in perfection.

Man’s imagination reflects God’s desire in the listless image of one, but soul is made up of many bodies, and God cannot be restricted to one source or one love. God is better served by countless souls, or images, that they are able to bring God down to earth so that they can pull Him up to heaven. Man is able to work in one soul at a time, but God remembers all.

Beautiful truth is the mantra for the cerebral centres; beautiful truth makes fire for the head. And there fire stays sometimes in bliss, sometimes in suspense but always drawing fire from below. Beautiful truth is the vagina opening to all creation; truth passes this way for Creation is open to Truth, creation is the love of Truth and Creation passes this way. The fire that purifies is death by purification, the love of Truth brings life into death. Raging fire in the head sustains the love of death, the beloved in the brain wants for nothing because life has entered death. The child is dead to the womb when pulled into life; God is dead to life when pulled into the womb. Man loves life when entering woman, but he loves death when entering the soul. The holy bride swallows up the heavenly bridegroom, for in the end all things pass this way. Passing through, an ecstatic God lifts man to nothingness.

The macrocosmic dark is invested with microcosmic light. I mimic God and cannot live in God’s darkness. I lie alone in spherical light, a perfect light, but without perfect darkness to give it shape. Where is the light in the body? It is here in the body of the mind: the perfect dark-full body and light-filled mind, the wholly acceptable union of sense and spirit in the acknowledgement of prick and slit. I am life-giver and death-bringer, fixing light and shade in perpetual twilight, but God passes unseen in many little creators and their unlit compassion remains dark. The twilight God is as the light-filled mind moving into the dark of divine stillness, quickening life and hastening death ascending from the earthly to the heavenly. I move from life to death in the sensuality of the soul. I will be of the universal mind when I take myself out of physicality, and I will be the sensible part of creation taking myself, and God, into universality. 

Death is the means to an evolutionary end. Perpetual life is driven to death, as life in death is perfection (we are required to observe the face of perfection while rushing headlong toward oblivion). Through life, death comes quickly; the animal hastens his apparent death in the participation of life. The willingness to submit to death is the means to life, without choice the nature of things is unknown. Nature is the sole provider of knowledge. The knowledge of life and death is Nature’s game; the sexual animal should know the game before he dies. To create life in death gives true knowledge of God, only along this path does man meet his maker.

A communion with the inner side of thought is of no interest to him who fears a passionate, non-reasoning death. The liberty of man is in the nature of his death, when his head is full of death he is beyond reason and life is given. Life will no longer grow apart from death, though restless, it knows its fate and pushes man to know it too. Death gives life a slap and knowledge is without end, and man’s oneness freefalls into wholeness until physical death puts an end to his life.

“Conjoin the servant with his odiferous sister and between them the art shall be engendered… For if woman be married to man they do embrace and so be coupled together, by themselves they be dissolved, and by themselves they be made, that they that were two is made as it were one body.”  The Donum Die (Most Precious Gift of God) 1475

Let him concentrate on the world beneath Love’s girdle and on Love’s universal nature; let him focus on dark spiritual realisation and not, as women do, on the spiritual light of being. Let him entertain the darkness. Let him see through its eyes, and  experience the becomingness in Nature’s body universally clothed in chaste creation. Love assimilates the virtuous man. Be bedded in Nature’s body, for it is in the multitude of things that the wilful Creator resides. Be knowledgeable of the pure he and beautiful she, for they are Love’s pure thought and beautiful feeling. Perceive the beauty and purity of the spiritual body, strive for ever-greater purity and yearn for ever-greater beauty. Sustain the purity in familiar beauty, and determine the length of your soulful residency. For whatever enlightenment the darkness brings, beautiful nature brings man closer to purity. Be knowledgeable of that beautiful object; be aware that the purity of God lies deep within her. Experience delight in the object, pure and beautiful is he who makes for himself - and becomes - the object of Love.